Best 7 Smartphone Brands from India

Best 7 Smartphone Brands from India

It is raining gadgets this season and one type of device which has become an inseparable part of our life, is our smartphone for the simple reason that it has multiple uses and has changed the way we communicate and share making these simple and convenient. In India there are many top brads which offer some amazing smart phones which are loaded with features, style and sophistication. So why not take a glimpse into best seven smartphone brands from India?


Speaking of smartphone brands from India, Micromax deserves to be mentioned right away for its incredible offerings and this brand has got captured the Indian smartphone market like anything. Their Canvas range has surely grabbed the attention of the tech freaks as the smart phones in this range scores high in term of design, features, hardware, looks and of course performance. With this brilliant range from Micromax, you would get a perfect mart phone experience. It is no wonder that Micromax is one of the top smartphone brands in India and it seems that there is no looking back for this Indian tech giant which continues to grow.


Lava is another Indian smart phone company that is known for providing stylish smart phones in different ranges. The best part of Lava is that it offers a lot in terms of a smart phone at great prices. When we talk about Lava, their Iris range which has some superb features and offer a great way to capture brilliant snaps. There are many variants in this range which means there is something for everybody. The design and the screen of their Iris range is something which is quite commendable.


Another Indian brand which is on the path of growth is Karbonn and for a company which has been a relatively new player in this field, its performance has been splendid in terms of its offerings. Karbonn has entered the Indian smart phone market with its fantastic Titanium series which has many variants. The smart phones in these series have big screen and great looks and would provide a superb Android smart phone experience.


Xolo is another Indian brand which offers elegant and high on design smart phones.  The best part is they have smart phones across the at different price ranges making is easier for you to pick up the smart phone suiting your requirements. With generous screen, great features size and perfect looks smart phones of Xolo are surely here to stay in the Indian smart phone market.


As we talk about the best smart phones brands form India, the name which strikes our mind is Intex which has entered the Indian smart phone market with its amazing Aqua range. These smart phones form Intex have good features and they also have another range which is known as Cloud range which has smart phones at unbelievable prices.


Another big name in the Indian smart phone industry is Videocon and this company needs no introduction as it is a trusted and well-known brand in India. With its Infinium range, Videocon has provided many options in the smart phones segments to the customers.


Celkon is an Indian smart phone company which offers different options in the smart phones. With good design and strong features this brand is also on the path of growth in the Indian smart phones market.

So these were the best seven smart phone brands from India. Each of these players is offering coming up with enhanced products with great features to the consumers so that they are able to have a great smart phone experience.

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